16 June 2005

JoJo sweater for Pete

And this is my latest project. A pattern by Bee's Knees Knits called JoJo. Obviously this will be for Peter. It is knit with sock yarn and is as cute as can be. I started it last night and got to the pocket insert on the right front. I thought about doing both fronts at the same time and I may just do that so I can get the pattern to match up properly. If not the stripes are offline and look funny ( to me at least ). Progress reports will be posted soon.

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Sheri said...

You're up and running! Cool! Sometime I will have to get the pattern from you for the scarf you knit with the ruffles in leftover sock yarn. That was neat. I'm trying to get superwash wools and more natural fibre yarns in the store. We'll see what I can swing with the bosses!


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