04 June 2005

Great Idea to keep track of projects

I have decided that by keeping a blog I will now remember to take pictures of all my projects and finished work to post here. Before that I just sent them off to whomever they were destined for. I shall have to dig out some stuff that is still at my house and add those as well. What a great idea!!

I knit some more on Mark's sweater and only have one more inch till I am at the arempits. But it is very warm out and the sweater is very warm as well! I guess I didn't plan that one too well. I could work on the shawl (UFO) I started 2 months ago and then got bored with. It is pretty but not challenging at all.

Who could believe that it is sunny again!! Four straight days!! Today is going to be a day to work in the garden and get things ready to plant. Where we have such a short season, we always put in transplants and so have an instant garden. I think the garden center will be my trip for tomorrow.

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