31 May 2005

The Sweater Workshop Book & Sampler

The Sweater Workshop Book and my finished sampler.
I am starting a sweater for my son-in-law, Mark. I am using the gauge page in The Sweater Workshop book by Jacquline Fee. I did the sampler in the book and learned so much about knitting. I have purchased some yarn, a wool/mohair blend called Alfa or Alta, at Have A Yarn in Mahone Bay, NS. and now am knitting it using this book. I am going to be very impressed if it works out properly. I have calculated number of stitches etc. using this book and Mark's measurements so I am optimistic that the finished result will fit him. If not then somebody else will get a lovely new and very warm sweater. I worked on it much of Sunday, doing the calculations, etc and have about 7 inches done so far. The French Open is on today and so that gives me an excuse to sit and knit whilst I watch that. So I am off to knit for a while........

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